oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

….ramblings of a softie maker & doodle-er of sorts!


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current WIP’s

 i currently have just about 4 lil’ outsiders in the works! i figured i’d concentrate on the smaller ones, since at least that would give me some sort of feeling of completion amidst the crazy-ness that is this apartments current state! hopefully this weekend i’ll be able to organize what i’ve packed so it’s not […]



well…i’ve been pretty bad at blogging as of late! i’ve been all consumed with the cintiq & doodles! i can’t get enough of drawing on it! i even started a new batch of pins & made new tags for them…hopefully i’ll post a pic tomorrow! i’m also considering making prints of some of my doodles, […]



i hope everyone had a great easter! ours was pretty laid back! i did manage to persuade erich into coloring a few easter eggs….okay…i wouldn’t exactly call it “persuade”…a bit more like nagging for the past two weeks that we HAVE to color eggs! but hey…i need some traditions! anywhoot…here is a pic of our […]


phases comic

i decided yesterday to create a series of one panel comics based on various “phases” of my life (thus the ensuing cartoon title “Phases:” i know…imaginative, aren’t i? hardee-har!) that i could assemble chronologically once i am finished (lord knows there are a million phases i’ve gone thru!) & pass on to the little one, […]



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city trip & toys!

this weekend, hubby & i took a long awaited trip to the city! i couldn’t believe how much i missed living there. we’ve been “upstate” (& i use that term loosely-since upstate to me means syracuse or our old stompin grounds of homer, ny!…but when you actually live in the city, everyone calls anything north […]


pen pal & stuff!

seriously tho’…it is really beautiful out today…i should be out & about, but instead…as a mentioned in the previous post…my mind is a swirl of ideas once that long awaited sunshine sneaks out! not to mention, i’ve got tons upon tons of laundry that i’ve been slacking on..that really needs to be done! i will […]


i know…i’m a slacker…i totally forgot to post yesterday’s doodle. but at least i managed to make one today! i really must have been some sort of plant in a former life. whenever it is gloomy out (such as today…& the majority of winter) i sink into some sorta seasonal depression kind of thing. only, […]


it’s almost over!

ugh. it’s almost over. the house buying process, that is! we’re finally getting somewhere in this whole process & it’s stinkin’ about time! the whole experience has left a sour taste in my mouth….from buyers agents who were not representing us (the buyer!) to smelly septic tanks! this is actually the fourth house we tried […]


the receipt & vanderbilt mansion!

i have to admit…i’m not super fond of chain restaurants (living in nyc tends to ruin ya a bit!), however ,about a week ago i got a craving for a veggie burger with extra pickles! so off to the local red robin we went! after indulging in my veggie burger and a huge mountain of […]


a note from 425sqftart….

i love to make odd little furry animals out of mohair & wool (among other numerous crafty projects!) Each piece is unique and one of a kind..painstakingly created over days! i do not normally do commission work, but hey if ya have any ideas throw 'em my way!



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