oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

….ramblings of a softie maker & doodle-er of sorts!


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spool dolls!

ahhh..okay…i am really gonna try my best to keep this blog semi-updated! anyway…these are some new pieces i’m working on! they’re spool dolls made from some really old primitive spools that i found! i cleaned the up and made the heads from paperclay!! funfun! this is just the first 8, but i have a box […]


odd-ball hare!

yeah….finally finished richard! despite a never ending cold…& copious amounts of sleep depravation…i managed to complete this weird lil’ grey bun-bun! he’s of my current affections….clay over cloth….sportin’ a hand-knitted scarf (surprisingly those tiny needles actually gave me a callous!!)…& grandpa’s plaid pants! i say “finished”, but in reality i have to varnish all of […]


kitty doll!

alrighty! i finally (almost) finished (just need to varnish!) this kitty doll. her name is lenore…& she’s sportin’ a ruffle-y shirt,capris,& mary jane’s with polka dot socks! lenore is my fourth clay over cloth doll…& i’m onto the fifth…along with the smaller pattern! here’s good ole lenore: Tweet This Post Stumble This Post Technorati Tags: […]


kitty doll wip!

i managed to sneak in some time to make the legs & arms for my new kitty doll this morning. i am overly ecstatic that little butter beans is FINALLY taking a nap! although i should be doing something like laundry,cooking,cleaning…or for pete’s sake getting some much needed sleep….i’ve been skipping all that & just […]


2 new “dolls”

okay….my second doll is named “abe”! abe sports a “smiths” t-shirt and red & white tube socks! he’s made from cloth & paperclay & painted with acrylics & a fabric marker. i have attached some yarn to the back so he can hang on the wall (i think he looks best hanging!). here’s some pics […]


Clay & cloth doll!

Once again i had a stellar (albeit short!) weekend! Hubby watched the little butter beans for the majority of saturday nite & sunday…so i was able to complete my doll & even start a new test one! the new test doll is very small & will only have painted on limbs…very simplistic. i’m looking for […]


WIP & Anthro obsessed!

well…i’ve managed to sneak in some time to work on my “test” clay over cloth “doll”! I’ve been pretty lucky the last few days with the little one taking a morning nap for an hour …so it gives me just enough time to have some coffee and add a few layers of the face! here’s […]


new project!

well….i had a pretty good sunday! i managed to get some consecutive sleep in on saturday night *thanx to hubby*! it’s been pretty grueling as far as sleep is concerned the past few weeks! for some unknown reason i am having the hardest time getting the little one to nap during the day! & then […]


hey kitty!

 i know…i know…i was a very bad non-blog-posting girl! & i don’t even have a doodle for today! well, the truth is…i did make one…actually spent a bit of time on it, coloring it in…went to save it & poof! essentials just decided to shut itself down! yay! so i know better in my current […]


a note from 425sqftart….

i love to make odd little furry animals out of mohair & wool (among other numerous crafty projects!) Each piece is unique and one of a kind..painstakingly created over days! i do not normally do commission work, but hey if ya have any ideas throw 'em my way!



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