oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

….ramblings of a softie maker & doodle-er of sorts!


maggie as outsider!

maggie! okay….it took me forever to make this funky lil’ pug puppy for a friend of mine’s mom! it was actually supposed to be a christmas gift, but it’s looking a bit more “happy st. patty’s day” to me! …..& this my friends, is why i try not to do commission work! i just seem to drag my feet with it. i guess it’s just way more exciting to let my imagination wander and create something from scratch! anywhoot! so THIS is the new blog (lord knows what happened to alll my old posts *sigh*) ! i know… it’s a little barren so far, but already i like it much better than the old one! & i finally got around to sketching out a lil’ doodle for the banner! i have a few more yet to make..as the banner will rotate the image out. onto other exciting news (or at least to me!) i asked my best friend if she wanted to kick it old school and be my crafty pen pal..to which she obliged! hurrah! here’s a pic of the lil’ bear i sent with her letter:

 melvin he’s a teeny weenie lil bear dubbed melvin! & he’s got the tiniest of notes in his pocket! he’s made from mohair with needle felted arms,legs,& face! lemme tell ya..writing letters & sending crafty goodness in the mail sure beats getting bills & junk mail!

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a note from 425sqftart….

i love to make odd little furry animals out of mohair & wool (among other numerous crafty projects!) Each piece is unique and one of a kind..painstakingly created over days! i do not normally do commission work, but hey if ya have any ideas throw 'em my way!



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Jen: Hi Paty! Sorry it took me awhile to respond...Ive been under the weather for the past few months and neglected the blog! Id be interested [...]

Paty Lott: Hi I met you at the sheep and wool festival and am interested in having your work at my gallery in New Paltz.

deb: Hi Jen! Love your 1984 picture!

Devin Travis: Pretty neat Jen i'm impressed! Here is a friend of mine Wendy's blog http://the-cupcakery-blog.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-to-be-better-foodie-bulging-book.html

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