oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

oh… hello there, bloggy pants!

….ramblings of a softie maker & doodle-er of sorts!


New things going on in the studio!

New wiener dog!

New needle felting machine!

And last but not least…..
A new helper in the studio! Although I don’t have a picture of him working away cutting and pinning fabric…he assured me he will continue in aiding me as I try to expand my line. He is pretty wonderful that hubby o’ mine!

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Hamlet & two tiny bears!

Hamlet, a custom order piggy I’ve been working on for what feels like ages..is finally finished and well on his way to his new home!

Now I’ve got two more little bears in the works! I hope to get them done and in the shop by the end of the week!


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Someone turns 4

It’s so hard to believe that miss E is now 4! How can this be? How could these past four years have flown by so incredibly quick? We celebrated her birthday with extended family this past weekend-a Curious George party was requested and delivered! On Monday (her actual birthday), we took her to Barton Orchards for apple picking!

Oh how I love apple picking! We picked so many apples which is awesome, but now I’ve got to get my butt in gear and make something with those apples.
Along with gearing up for her birthday, I’ve also started homeschooling her for preschool. It has been so much fun and I really enjoy putting together the lesson plans!

I’ve also been working on some animals to restock my Etsy shop! It’s looking a bit barren and I’m hoping I can get a few more pieces back up in time for the holidays:)

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On the road….

So…miss E and I will be heading out on the road for a few days! In order to keep her entertained on our three hour car ride I decided to make her an I-spy bag and “spot it” game. The I-spy bag was surprisingly easy! I also made a pocket on the back and laminated the cards. She has been dying to get at it all week…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it keeps her entertained for more than the usual three minutes…haha! The “spot it” cards are super cool..(at least to me!:). I bought a few different packs of those dollar sticker books that you find at most craft stores and put the ones to find on a card and on the larger sheet..then filled in the large sheet with miscellaneous stickers! I got them all laminated due to her unusual three year old strength and ability to crush things simply by holding them :) So excited for our mini-trip…I know we’ll have a blast:)



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Getting there…


I have been working on this Boston literally all day! I’m pretty tired and think some popcorn and a movie are definitely in order:) Hopefully, I can piece him together and finish him up tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see this funky little guy complete!

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Making felt masks with little E…

Miss E has recently gotten into dress up play…last week we made paper bag masks, but they were hard to keep on while eating grilled cheese sandwiches…not to mention saturated with butter by the time she was done eating lunch…haha! So I had it in my head to whip up some felt versions…here’s how we began our morning…

And we wound up with one silly (sloppily stitched because someone was in a hurry..) little puppy dog…

A duck and kitty will be sure to follow!:)

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Otto as Lil’ Outsider!

Lil’ Otto was inspired by my own white Boxer Otto…who I simply adore! He’s now available in my Etsy shop!:)

And here they are together:)


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New little bear!

Another little bear done…this little guys name is Spliterpea. He’s made from pea soup green mohair, has glass eyes,stuffed with poly, weighted with sand, 5 way cotter pin jointed,& hand shaded….whew…that’s a lot! :) He’ll be available in my etsy shop soon!


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Someone has something to say….

Another little bear done…now he just needs a name….hmmmmmm…..

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Grilled pizza!

Mmmmmmm….pizza on the grill! My new favorite food! It wasn’t until I started making my own dough that I was able to roll the dough out as thin as we like it (think peasant pizza). For whatever reason, whenever I bought dough from the grocery store it was impossible for me to roll it out super thin. Thank god for my Zoshirushi Mini bread machine…that poor thing gets a constant workout between bread and pizza dough (along with the occasional pasta). When I bake pizza in the oven, I usually use either a pizza stone or Lodge’s cast iron pizza pan. I have to say though…that nothing beats that charred flavor from the grill…fresh mozzarella and basil to boot! Yum! Oh and I’ve finally listed two more small bears who I’ve named Arnie & Julius. The new bigger guy is also coming along and should be finished by tomorrow night. I’m lovin’ these new lil’ guys so much…they are sweet,sad,& wonky all rolled into one!

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a note from 425sqftart….

i love to make odd little furry animals out of mohair & wool (among other numerous crafty projects!) Each piece is unique and one of a kind..painstakingly created over days! i do not normally do commission work, but hey if ya have any ideas throw 'em my way!



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